The Top Questions You Need Answered When Buying Rubber Hose

Posted by Mike Woods on Jan 8, 2019 11:59:20 AM

Rubber fire hoses are still the preferred hose of many municipalities. They are light, easy to move, and very easy to clean of cancer-causing agents left on hoses long after the fire has been extinguished.

While jacketed fire hoses have seen a recent rise in popularity, the rubber hose is tried and true for many reasons.  When looking for a rubber hose manufacturer, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

Extruded thru the weave rubber hose manufactured in the United States is better for a few reasons. Read below to learn more about why USA manufactured hose is your best choice. Offshore extruded thru the weave rubber may not always be up to standard and may not always perform when you need it to.


First, knowledge is power. ask your manufacturer about their rubber and how it's processed. 



Knowing where your hose comes from and knowing the standards your hose manufacturer adheres to is a smart move. It's important to know what the rubber compound is. Cheaper additives reduce the cost for the manufacture, but also reduces the quality/performance of the hose as well as reduces the life expectancy of the hose.

Making sure the rubber is tested in a facility that is certified, and that the rubber extrusion process is consistent, and the same rubber compound formula is used are all important factors in ensuring your hose will perform each and every time and last a lot longer.

Second, ask what certifications your manufacturer has and adheres to in order to keep your peace of mind. 


A testing facility that is certified to the highest standards, like ISO 9000-2015, ensures a few things. We are passionate about this and believe that safety is top priority.

First, the certification holds the manufacturer to the standards that align with the way materials are purchased and brought in to the facility. This means the materials are of the highest standards. Because of this, there are no materials that can’t pass an audit used in manufacturing the hose. The rubber is cut, and the cure is tested. The manufacturer is also checking for a use-by date since quality rubber should be used within a 2-month period. 

Rubber for hose should be used within a 2-month period, otherwise the rubber becomes brittle. Brittle rubber can cause issues, like hard to pack, breaking down quicker, leaking, weeping, and malfunction with the hose.

The foundation of the hose and the components that are used to manufacture the hose is so important. This keeps you and your team safe and the hose performing time after time. 

It’s important to know what certification your manufacture carries so you can be sure that your hose is of highest quality.

Second, this high level of certification proves that the manufacturing process is of highest standard. The processes that a manufacturer uses are subject to rigorous audit multiple times a year, so no skimping on the process! 


The processes should be consistent so there is no uneven extrusion when the rubber is extruded through the weave of the jacket. A hose that has an uneven extrusion process is much more likely to weep- and break down and will not pack well in your hose bed. A weeping hose isn’t a safe hose - make sure you know what certification your hose manufacturer carries. Knowledge truly is power- so make sure you stay informed to stay safe each time you use your hose.

The extrusion process should be consistent to avoid not only weeping but also so that the hose wears evenly over time. A hose that is extruded in an uneven way can put unnecessary pressure on certain parts of your hose and cause long-term uneven wear. It can speed up the replacement process just because it was uneven in the first place!

These are our top two reasons why USA manufactured rubber is the best choice for you.

All-American Hose has manufactured premier rubber hose that outperforms any competition, time and time again. Our rubber hose has been outperforming the competition for over 30 years- and that’s no accident.

Fill out the form below if you have more questions. We'd love to tell you all about our rubber and our certifications at All-American Hose. 

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