How to find the right hose for your specific service - rubber vs jacket hose explained!

Posted by Mike Woods on Mar 5, 2019 8:17:31 AM

Rubber attack and supply fire hoses are the tried-and-true of the industry. While jacketed hose has seen a recent surge in use in all industries alike, there is no denying how useful a rubber fire hose can be.

So how do you determine which hose is best for you? Do you choose a rubber hose or a jacketed hose?

Read below for All-American's take on why rubber hose works great for a lot of applications.

Using a rubber fire hose instead of a jacketed fire hose has multiple benefits. At All-American Hose, we have proven our rubber hose (HFX, TPX, ATX, LD) and our manufacturing process helps manufacture hose that not only outperforms our competition but is manufactured consistently each and every time.

First, a rubber fire hose is much easier to clean.

Choosing a rubber fire hose over a jacketed fire hose helps you clean for both your regularly scheduled maintenance as well as when required after fighting a fire. With a rise in cases of cancer in firefighters, it’s extremely important to be able to decontaminate by washing contaminants, carcinogens, and more off your hose. A jacketed hose may not be able to be cleaned as thoroughly.

Second, a rubber hose is lighter weight and has better flexibility.

Rubber does not absorb water, fabric does.  A jacketed hose may be lighter before fighting a fire but can become heavier than anticipated once the fire is extinguished. The last thing anyone will want to do after the fire is carry and fold a water-logged hose. A rubber hose can be easier to pack and store. Even when it’s not wet, a rubber hose is a light hose. Rubber hose can easily be packed and stored after each use, saving you time, energy and firefighter fatigue.

Third, heavy duty rubber is more resistant to puncture and abrasion.

The durability of rubber is unmatched with traditional jacketed hose. Our rubber is not only a tested chemical configuration, but we also extrude the cover and liner rubbers through the weave and vulcanize to make our hose as durable as possible. No need to worry about easily puncturing our rubber hose!

Finally, the rubber hose manufacturing process we employ has been tested for decades.

We have our own blend of rubber/PVC material we use on all of our hoses - and there is good reason for that. We want to ensure that each hose that leaves our facility is to the highest standard. Further, we have been perfecting this recipe over the past 50 years, so we know it’s that good. Because our manufacturing facility is truly start to finish, we know that our rubber hose can and will perform optimally each time you use it.

All-American Hose is your premier USA-made hose manufacturer. We design, manufacture, finish, and test all within our facilities located right here in the United States of America. Our dedicated team of employees in our offices and in our shop that work tirelessly to provide hose that is manufactured to the highest specification. 

For more information on our hose, visit our products page here. We would love to talk to you about your hose needs and how All-American Hose has the right solution for you. 

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